As I was going through my pattern archives today, I happened upon this forgotten print I designed last spring. I’d love if it turned into something someday!

Doing my part to melt away the last of it from my studio window. Happy SPRING!!!

A fun new print I am working on… Wouldn’t it be fun as a large scale wallpaper or a print for a dress?!

(You may have noticed that my website is down. I am currently creating a new one with brand new work! It will be baaaaa-baaa back up soon! )

The samples have arrived! I will be launching new product this spring… Stay tuned! 

Same theme, two very different styles! Same theme, two very different styles!

Happy Spring Everyone!!! The first day of spring is one of my favorite days of the year.  I’m celebrating with some fresh new patterns for Colette and Blue, popsicles and flip flops!